UTO Model


  • Solid machinery used to cut LARGE WIDTHS
  • Ideal for inserting the start of coils or continuous cutting
  • UTO hydraulic cutting units are designed and constructed for the following tape widths: 300 mm – 400 mm – 500 mm – 600 mm – 800 mm – 1000 mm – 1200 mm – 1300 mm – 1500 mm
  • Four-edged blade in the best, prestigious K110 steel or in K390 steel also suitable for cutting sheet metal in silicon and stainless steel
  • Adjustable and resharpening blades, therefore long lasting
  • Hydraulic sheet metal press to facilitate cutting
  • Possibility of cutting synchronism with other operating machines (presses, feeders, etc.) using a hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic valve
  • Cutting possible using programmer to allow particular cutting sequences
  • Compact dimensions
  • With safety casing
  • UTO hydraulic cutting units are supplied with a hydraulic control unit with tank beneath and cooling radiator
  • Electrical system on machine or on base according to your needs with keypad and emergency button
  • Sensors for positioning blades open and blades closed