• Solid machines are meticulously engineered for compact layout and minimal footprint, ensuring optimal space utilization
  • High performance is guaranteed, with a focus on precision, energy efficiency, and quiet operation
  • Our rollers are meticulously crafted in-house from steel, meticulously hardened and ground for enhanced durability
  • Gears are manufactured in-house within our dedicated toothing and grinding department, ensuring top-notch quality
  • We produce gears machined from a single body to deliver superior mechanical performance and extended durability
    For accelerated production, we offer a robust Tilting belt guide at the infeed, streamlining and expediting belt infeed processes
  • Our manual elevator ensures precise alignment of the web passage plane with the press height, enhancing operational efficiency
  • Experience reduced production time with our pneumatic roller opening adjustment feature
  • Benefit from a 10,000-pulse push-pull encoder for enhanced accuracy and control
  • Choose between ribbed or knurled metric encoder wheel options, tailored to the specific strip type for meticulous pitch measurement control
  • Motorised lift to align the tape passage surface to the height of the press
  • Chrome-plated rollers ideal for fragile tape such as aluminium.
  • Ribbed rollers ideal for thick tapes
  • Electronic cams kit
  • Touch-Panel and mobile keypad for manual controls within reach
  • Modern wi-fi for remote support with remote connection, to speed up diagnostics and interventions. Less production and contained costs
  • Precision, speed, silence, reliability
  • Machine controlled by PLC and activated by brushless motor
  • Simple use with intuitive controls set on the computer
  • Implementation of preset steps, equal and/or different, with decimal precision
  • Possibility of carrying out long steps up to 99.999,99 mm
  • Saving 500 work programs