• Solid and long lasting machinery, robust structure in electro-welded steel
  • Accurate design
  • Designed to take up the least possible space
  • Designed to meet client requirements, event for off standard requirements
  • Motorised rollers manufactured in-house in tempered and ground steel.
  • Rollers with gears on both ends obtained from a single body for high mechanical performance and long-lasting over time
  • Rollers activated by a continuous current motor with adjustable speed
  • Higher production in less time: pneumatic pistons opening pulley roller with limiter to speed up pilot
  • Simple use: our feeder motor-straighteners do not require specialist staff
  • Low operating costs: little maintenance, components subject to wear last over time
  • Precision, speed, silence, reliability
  • Machine controlled by PLC and activated by brushless motor
  • Simple use with intuitive controls set on the computer
  • Implementation of preset steps, equal and/or different, with centesimal precision
  • Handle eliminated with considerably reduced dimensions
  • Particularly suitable for long pitch execution
  • Saving up to 100 work programs
  • Production data can be entered in the programs: Pitch-No.Parts-Speed-Machine to activate
  • Manual or motorised lift to align the tape passage surface to the height of the mould
  • Chrome-plated rollers ideal for fragile materials such as aluminium
  • Counter-rollers to combat flexion of the rollers with thicker tapes
  • Curve removing roller for high straightening performance
  • Opening upper rollers head to facilitate inspection and internal cleaning
  • Hydraulic swinging tape guide for tape insertion
  • Butt remover to apply to the motor-straighteners outbound to eliminate the horizontal curvature: small rollers in tempered and ground steel, double screw adjustment
  • Connection sub-base on unwinder